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10/2/2007 More GC articles on Akella’s adventures
As time passes on we are still receiving numerous feedbacks on the titles we came to demonstrate at the Games Convention 2007. Adventure-Archiv, a German-based game website, has revealed their impressions of what they could see at Akella's booth this year. Some short previews on the Bad, the Ugly, and the Sober, A Stroke of Fate, and Dead Mountaineer's Hotel give you an opportunity to get a glimpse of what it is to be a farmer from the Wild, Wild West, a spy in the lair of Hitler and his minions, and a police officer stranded at a very strange hotel. Please click here to view the whole preview article (it's in German so pick up your dictionary first).

9/14/2007 Jagged Alliance 3 and Disciples III: Renaissance – obvious improvements on hand
Two of Akella's major titles - Jagged Alliance 3 and Disciples III: Renaissance - attracted close attention of mass media at the GC. Given this public scrutiny, no wonder there were so many articles published to track respective changes in the animation, gameplay, and other features of the games. GameStar, a leading German online resource for all the game fans, has posted two articles to cover the improvements they noticed in the current game versions.
You'll find out what are four playable parties in Jagged Alliance 3 and which are new abilities of the units in Disciples III: Renaissance. For more details, please, visit the respective webpages:
http://www.gamestar.de/.../jagged_alliance_3.html - for Jagged Alliance 3.
http://www.gamestar.de/.../disciples_3.html - for Disciples III: Renaissance.
9/13/2007 GC impressions by RPGVault
RPGVault has presented their impressions of the GC, an enormous trade and consumer event that took place in the German city of Leipzig on 22-25 August this year. To meet their readers' expectations and highlight most significant projects developers and publishers were proud to show off at their booths, this huge RPG-oriented resource published a meaty article that contains some brief but relevant information on each of the games they saw there. Two of Akella's games, Disciples III: Renaissance and Jagged Alliance 3 were among the ones covered.

"The prior games, created and published by Strategy First, were applauded for blending solid play with sumptuous art direction. Those values seem to be retained while the combat system seems to have further depth. For instance, the magic system now has cards that may be purchased or found."
Please read the whole article on the RPGVault official website.

9/11/2007 Akella’s Adventures to Get Visibility in Japan
4Gamer.net, a Japanese online resource for gamers, has published their follow-up on the Games Convention and presented to the game fans the 3 adventure titles Akella brought to Leipzig this year: Dead Mountaineer's Hotel, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Sober, and A Stroke of Fate. The article is in Japanese but a short summary can be that "despite having a common point-and-click system these games offer completely different storylines and designs". If you love history and are eager to immerse into the 1940s, are fond of chasing mysterious objects, or want to wear the shoes of a guy from the Wild West, you're going to like the article by 4Gamer.net 

9/10/2007 Classical strategy and action-packed first-person shooter

Whichever genre you prefer, Akella is pleased to cater to most discerning consumers' needs and interests. Jagged Alliance 3 and Scorpion demonstrated at the GC attracted attention of DemoNews, a huge German-based resource. Encouraged by the first part and quite depressed with the second sequel they were excited to see the third one offered by Akella and F3 Games. The storyline immerses a player into the world with intense gameplay where your tactical and diplomatic skills will either be improved or you won't ever be able to see the cherished "Game's Over".
The second title shown was Scorpion, a dark shooter with various surroundings that offers a player an opportunity to wear the shoes of a special agent. As the journalists comment, "the title is worth viewing and making your own judgement" as it is slated for early next year.
The full preview is in German and can be accessed here 
9/7/2007 Our Adventures Hit the Floor on AdventureGround 
AdventureGround, a German-based resource aimed at catering to adventure players' needs, has published their impressions of the adventure titles Akella brought to the GC this year - Dead Mountaineer's Hotel, A Stroke of Fate, The Bad, the Ugly, and the Sober.
If you want to get deeper into the historical surroundings of the fascist Germany, meet (literally in person) Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler and wear the shoes of a Soviet spy or to find out what it is to find out something mysterious at every step you make, or do treasure hunting you may find it interesting to read the whole article. It is in German so pick up your dictionary and plunge into the world of Akella's adventures. 
9/4/2007 Akella’s Adventures at the GC
Germany, that was a hospitable host to a great bunch of developers, publishers, and mass media this August, is a real fan of adventure games. They are extremely popular there - we could see that from the number of adventure title journalists who visited our booth at the GC. Adventure Treff, a huge adventure-oriented resource, published their impressions of the titles we brought as our adventure lineup. Dead Mountaineer's Hotel, A Stroke of Fate, and the Bad, the Ugly, and the Sober were scrutinized, evaluated, and followed up in the GC report that can be viewed here.  

9/3/2007 Jagged Alliance 3 – Time To Be Excited
Jagged Alliance series fans can feel secure now that the third sequel keeps good traditions of the previous ones while adding upon all those features we would love to see in a full-fledged turn-based strategy. HookedGamers prepared a very detailed preview on Jagged Alliance 3 following up on what they saw at the GC.
"Last week in Leipzig we had a chance to get a glimpse of the game in action. And everything we saw suggests that a genuine sequel is finally on the horizon." A compliment to the game being developed, the preview describes new game features as, for instance, a player's ability to destroy objects - almost everything he/she feels like knocking down, to rotate the camera to have a view angle that fits most, to get advantage of the diverse arsenal of weapons available, etc. Complicated relations between units in your squad, various factions to join and only money that really matters - dig for more detail here.

8/31/2007 Disciples III: Renaissance Preview by Games32
Disciples III: Renaissance was one of the most favorite games to view by all the journalists at the GC. Games32 made their preview giving their impressions of what they saw on the screen at our booth.
Improved animation, enlarged system of spells, increased number of units available in the game give it a pretty look and a wide range of new features to build upon what all the Disciples world fans enjoy about the series.
"Disciples 3 uses a completely new engine and I must confess that the game looks very fresh. The graphics received a facelift and it's now got some new shaders and bigger texture maps, all making it look much better than ever before.
The units were also redesigned as the developers wanted to make them as realistic as possible."
For more detail please read the full preview.

8/31/2007 JA 3 Preview by YouGamers: Brief But Enthusiastic
Day 3 of the exhibition was the time when YouGamers got to our booth where we showcased our lineup titles. "As an old-time Jagged Alliance fanatic, I couldn't leave GC before I had scoured the place for the Akella's small booth and get to see Jagged Alliance."

Well, that's a right decision, I believe. Below we can read some of their first impressions:
"Jagged Alliance 3 really looks like it's now on the right track. I only had time for a short demo, and the game is still a year away, but what's important is that they have already made justice to the JA legacy.
Yes, it's turn based (yay!) and the many of the old characters make a comeback, and the old chemistry and relationships between the mercs is faithfully included."
For more detail please visit YouGamers' website and read the whole preview text

8/30/2007 GC 2007 First Impressions by HookedGamers
"You can call it E3, Tokyo Games Show or Leipzig Games Convention but no matter what name you put on it, it means (or ‘meant' in E3's case) several days of sheer madness". That's the way they start the article and I can say that's true. The HookedGamers publisher made his tour around several booths at the GC and here are his impressions.

The first to catch his attention was Jagged Alliance 3.
"Akella had me beaming with joy during their demo of Jagged Alliance 3. Fans will be aware of the attempts that have been made to bring the franchise back to life. All failed and to be honest, most deserved to as they were unable to capture the spirit of the original games. But Akella is set to change all that. How? By actually staying really close to the original format and not trying to innovate too much. Being a huge fan myself, I am certain that ‘more of the same' is exactly what Jagged fans want. A more detailed report of what I saw will follow sometime later this week but in the mean time, rest assured that we will see a true Jagged Alliance sequel."
Please read the whole pool of first impressions here

8/30/2007 Jagged Alliance 3: Preview by Gamespy
Jagged Alliance 3 received much attention at the GC this year. The first impressions are entering the web as Gamespy has published its preview of the title. The well-known sequel will continue and improve the concept of the JA series while keeping good traditions of the game. "The interface is definitely improved, and we found commanding our squad to be easier than ever. The large strategic country map is back, only this time rather than having the land divided up in a grid the land will be broken up into more natural-looking territories. Also returning is the Action Point system from the previous games, so JA vets will feel right at home." Please find the whole preview on the Gamespy official webpage.

8/29/2007 Games Convention 2007: Follow-up
Crowded halls, press conferences and live broadcasts held in, literally speaking, every corner of the building, gamers who yell at the sight of something new and exciting that was brought to them from various countries...probably that can't be enough to describe all that was whirling around these days in Leipzig, Germany.
The 4-day exhibition gathered together publishers, developers, and mass media from all over the world. Akella was showcasing its lineup titles (please see Akella's GC 2007 Lineup for the title announcement) to those interested at booth F60 right in the center of Hall1 of the Business Center.
Our sequel series (as we call Disciples III: Renaissance and Jagged Alliance 3) demos were especially popular with the booth visitors. They enjoyed new beautiful graphics and improved animation of Disciples III and Jagged Alliance 3 that keeps good traditions of the previous JA series with more features added like totally destructible objects and an updated system of weapons.
Adventure titles usually make hits at GCs - German adventure websites and communities are historically very strong and committed. Akella presented two new quest titles along with others demonstrated at previous events - A Stroke of Fate and The Bad, the Ugly, and the Sober. These classical adventures have been received well by the journalists and we'll cover them and other titles in more detail in the near future.
Journalists enjoyed plunging into the world of Dead Mountaineer's Hotel which is very close to release - most of them have been tracing the development process for a while getting into all the detail of the gameplay and storyline written by the Strugatsky brothers.
Well, one of the biggest exhibitions in the world has been wrapped up. Having contributed into demonstration of the best games Akella expresses its gratitude to those interested in its projects. More Games Convention updates are coming soon.
Please visit our website for more news on our games, their coverage in Russia, CIS and abroad and release dates.
7/31/2007 Games Convention 2007 Akella lineup
Moscow - July 31, 2007: Akella is pleased to reveal the lineup of its products that will be showcased at the GC Games Convention 2007 that will take place on August 23 – 26 in Leipzig, Germany. This year Akella’s products will be displayed in booth F60, Hall 1 of the Business Center.  Please read the details here.
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