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Akella Announces Its Breathtaking E3 2008 Media and Business Summit Lineup
Moscow: Akella is pleased to reveal the lineup of its most thrilling new products that will be showcased at the E3 Media and Business Summit, a world known annual event for electronic entertainment industry to take place on July 15 – 17 in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC). This year Akella’s products will be displayed in booths # 303 booth in Concourse Hall. Details you can find here.
Akella Announces Its E3 2008 Calendar 
See Akella's team time availability and set up your appointments with us in case you participate in E3. Details you can find here.

Akella E3 2008 Impressions

E3 2008: Heavy Duty Impressions
by Dan Adams
...Fans of X-COM are probably eagerly awaiting official announcement of the sequel from 2K, but until then, they can have Heavy Duty, another in a long line of titles hoping to capture that same glee provided by classic PC game. Publisher Akella and developer Quant Games are bringing alien attacks to a new planet in the far reaches of mankind's ever growing hold on space... more
New Heavy Duty screenshots emerge
...One of the more interesting things about Heavy Duty is that it takes place on a planet that you can zoom out from and even rotate rather than the typical flat maps you see in other RTS titles. You control mech-like vehicles on the battlescape and Akella states that the maps will have deformation aspects that will allow for things like landslides.and sinking of the ground to deform the area... more
Disciples III: Renaissance (PC)
by William Abner
...Disciples III: Renaissance brings new graphics and some significant gameplay changes to the table while still keeping many of the core game mechanics in place. The most obvious change is the new 3D game engine. The old games were known for their brilliantly dark art direction and the third installment stays true to form. This isn't a land of bright colors and dancing elves. The land is dark, almost twisted-looking and the 3D graphics drive this home like never before. In fact, the game looks better than the latest Heroes of Might and Magic release, and while visuals and art direction are a matter of taste the atmosphere is sure to please longtime fans... more
E3 2008: Disciples III Impressions
...While the game moves into 3D and a new battle system has been adopted, much of what made the series popular remains the same. Its unique art style hasn't been damaged by the transition into the third dimension. In fact, hero characters have been helped as they now will change with every piece of new armor they wear and weapon they wield.... more
Disciples III keeps the lion’s share of the gameplay but makes small changes along the way, trying to breathe new life into a fading franchise.
by Troy S. Goodfellow
...Akella is insistent that you see Disciples III as an adult game. Its world is darker and grittier than what you would find in the world’s most popular RPG, World of Warcraft. And it’s not “cartoonish” like its rival in fantasy turn-based strategy, Heroes of Might and Magic. No, this is a game with shadows, portents and elves that are more dangerous than the tree-huggers of other RPGs... more
Les vidéos de Moscow Racer
...Au volant de puissantes voitures de sport, Moscow Racer nous propose de concourir à travers les rues de la capitale russe... more
E3 : Akella nous présente ses prochains titres
by Jean-Marc
...Akella vient de profiter de la kermesse américaine de Los Angeles pour dévoiler toute une série de nouvelles captures en rapport avec ses prochains titres à venir sur PC. Que ce soit du jeu de tir, du MMO, de la simulation, de la stratégie ou de la course automobile, nous vous présentons tout... more
E3 2008: Akella
...One of the goals of my E3 trip was to get away from the larger booths of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, and focus instead on some of the smaller companies here at the convention to see what they’re bringing to the table. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Wii Music, and DeadSpace, but I also did head to the back of the room to check out the upcoming lineup of Akella, a Russian company that made the trip to the show. While you might not have looked at them before, some of their games might be worth your attention, including the upcoming Disciples III: Renaissance, which I was extensively shown... more
First Look - Moscow Racer. Da, comrade speed racer, here we go!
...There are two things that really show up for a street racing game: credibility, in terms of having the verisimilitude of the racing, as well as the setting, have a unique and interesting setting that sets you firmly into position as to where and why you're racing. Moscow Racer does this on both counts... more
First Look - PT Boats: Knights of the Sea. In which the game shows why the author of this story hates the ocean
...Sometimes it's just a matter of scale. Combination action/strategy World War 2 naval games exist - I do believe if you look here you'll see another one - but PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is a smaller scale, primarily European theater game of that sort... more
First Look - Disciples 3: Renaissance
by Dan Ozdowski (A.K.A Oz) 

...The first thing that Boris, of Akela, told us about DIsciples 3: Renaissance, was that it was most certainly an entry into a franchise. Akela is aware that the first two Disciples games had a following, and they want to make sure that the expectations of those fans are met while they're developing new wrinkles for their game. Having never played the initial entries in the series, I don't know anything about their look and feel, but I can share that Renaissance looks really good, considering its stage of development. There was a lot of detail in the models and buildings, and while the animations for combat aren't particularly complex or interactive, they ARE very fluid and good looking... more
New Heavy Duty screens and details
...Heavy Duty seems to be just that. An RTS game featuring mechs, large robots and plenty of troops doesn’t sound like much new, but developer Akella is pulling out a few stops to make this game stand out from the crowd. The game takes place in the future where mankind has started to populate planets throughout the universe and the governments of Earth have hired rival corporations to police and protect the planets. One such place, conveniently far away from earth, with only a small attachment of guards is attacked by aliens and you’re in charge of defending it using your small force and research labs... more
Russian developer Akella is showing off an impressive-looking driving title at E3 this year.
by John Guilfoil
...“Moscow Racer is the only game in the world that gives you a chance to drive on absolutely realistic streets of Moscow city at 200 mph and not be arrested!” said Boris Tolkachev, spokesman for Akella. “Created in cooperation with Moscow underground street racing clubs, Moscow Racer combines features of a car simulator and absolutely accurate models of the most famous Moscow streets. It is so exciting when you play a game with trucks, which are so similar to real ones,” Tolkachev said. “It is even more impressive when you know that the game gives you the experience you could feel in real life… but in a more dangerous way.”... more
E3 2008: Moscow Racer First Look. It's a racing game. Set in Moscow.
...Akella's Moscow Racer is exactly what you might think it is; a racing game set in Moscow. The game wasn't playable or in demo form at E3 2008, but we did get the opportunity to check out a trailer. Players will choose between 10 vehicles split into business sedan, sport, and supercar categories and speed across 16 tracks around the Moscow. We were told each track takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get through, which seems like a lot, but that's what Akella said.... more
E3 2008: Moscow Racer Impressions - First Look
...E3 2008 is winding down, but the competition in the streets of Russia will be heating up with the descriptively titled Moscow Racer, a new driving game for the PC from Akella. The game is currently very early in development and has about six different tracks built for it in the city of Moscow. Each track is modeled after the real-world geography of the city, and, according to Akella's staff, the tracks should provide a highly realistic representation of the metropolis's streets--except with far less traffic than you'd normally encounter in the bustling city. The development team has apparently been in close contact with local outfit Moscow Racing Club to make sure the action is authentic... more
E3 2008: PT Boats: Knights of the Sea Impressions - Quick Updates
...It's the last day of E3 2008, but we still had a chance to catch up with PT Boats: Knights of the Sea, the long-in-development hybrid naval simulation/strategy game from Akella. PT Boats, which has been in development for about six years, chronicles the World War II conflict from the perspective of either the Allied forces, the Germans, or the Soviet Union. The game will have a campaign for each side with about a dozen missions apiece that will involve bringing gunships into naval battles in the service of your country... more
Akella E3 2008 screenshot galore
...Il publisher russo ha rilasciato otto immagini (non una di più, non una di meno) per ciascuno dei giochi presentati in quel di Los Angeles, che vo rapidamente a snocciolare, prima di lasciare la parola ai suddetti screenshot... more
E3 2008 Day 03
by Gabriel Vega, Lydia Sung
...Akella was at the show, yeah I know most people aren't really going "oh wow really" but the company has a good collection of games under their belt seeing as they're a massive distributor for Russian localized gaming titles. They also were the group behind Sea Dogs and Sea Dogs 2 / Pirates of the Caribbean. They've been around quite a while and now they're bringing some high end titles to the PC including Disciples III, Heavy Duty, Postal III and Moscow Racer to the gaming masses. We already started a piece on Postal III on prior days so we're going to jump ahead to the rest of the Akella lineup to give some impressions since some of them were limited for our hands on ability... more
WorthPlaying E3 2008 Coverage: 'Moscow Racer' - Screens & Trailer
...Created in cooperation with the Moscow underground street racing clubs, Moscow Racer combines features of a car simulator and perfectly accurate models of the most famous streets in Moscow. It is so exciting when you mess with trucks on the road, which are so similar to the real thing. It is even more impressive when you know that the game gives you the experience you could feel in real life... but in a more dangerous way... more
Gaming Today: E3 2008: Akella Showcases 'Scorpion' - A Futuristic Cyber-Punk Shooter
...Akella is a fun group of Russian developers who make decent games, and they are definitely one to watch in the future, if not already. Today they showcased another one of their upcoming titles, Scorpion - originally titled Showdown: Scorpion. The basic premise for Scorpion’s backstory is that the world in 2028 has become a place without mercy, compassion, or sympathy. Drastic changes that followed a sudden crisis split society into several parts – all of them opposing each other... more
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