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Akella Announces Its Breathtaking E3 Media and Business Summit Lineup
Moscow: Akella is pleased to reveal the lineup of its most thrilling new products that will be showcased at the E3 Media and Business Summit, a world known annual event for electronic entertainment industry to take place on July 11 – 13 in Santa Monica, California. This year Akella’s products will be displayed in booths # 326 and 328, Barker Hangar at Santa Monica Air Center. Details you can find here.
06.07.2007 Pre-E3 Hot Days
Now that the E3 Media and Business Summit is round the corner Akella’s in-house and partnering studios are having hectic time preparing assets to showcase most interesting and relevant lineup products at Santa Monica Air Center this year. The presented titles include various genres: TBS, Action, RPG, Adventures, and others. We are happy to receive positive expectations from game portals just like Strategycore has recently posted: “…they [Akella] have several interesting games to show. Jagged Alliance 3 and Disciples III should be on all turn-based fans radar!” Please read the full text of the article here.
16.07.2007 Akella’s E3 Media and Business Summit lineup assets
E3 2007 has just wrapped up and it’s time to reflect on skimming the cream off the gaming shake the Media and Business Summit mixed for its attendees this year. The Akella’s E3 lineup titles showcased there included such major ones as Disciples 3, Jagged Alliance 3, Heavy Duty, Showdown: Scorpion, 2025: Battle for Fatherland, and Numen: Contest of Heroes. Prior to the event we prepped some assets of these games to include, among other features, new screens, artworks, and movies. Besides E3 lineup titles there were other games showcased with assets available: The Bad, the Ugly, and the Sober, A Stroke of Fate, Empire Above All, Hard to be a God, and Postal III.
The new game features can be accessed on the respective game webpages.
17.07.2007 E3 2007 first feedbacks
We are receiving first feedbacks on the key titles included into Akella’s E3 Media and Business summit lineup. Gamespot, IGN and other leading and most-attended game portals started publishing a series of first look impressions, articles, interviews and other features to illustrate our games. We are planning to keep you on the loop!
Gamespot has recently published its impressions on Disciples III. “We did have a chance to see some parts of the overland map, which is now fully 3D, but is still populated by static monster spawns, various structures your parties can visit (or ransack), and still consists of different terrain types, which can be still converted to your faction's land type by using a rod-placing unit. We also had a chance to see the legions' home town, which was essentially a gigantic floating rock formation suspended above rivers of red molten lava. Both the overland view and the town view seem strikingly reminiscent of Heroes of Might and Magic V, though the towns in Disciples will have the familiar interface options to upgrade various portions of your stronghold to strengthen the specific unit types you choose”.
Please view the full text on the Gamespot official website.
17.07.2007 IGN has published an E3 Disciples III preview
Disciples III: Renaissance is taking momentum! The tech demo shown off at Akella’s E3 booth has evoked some reactions and previews. As they at IGN say, the return of the popular PC strategy series is a long ways off, but showing promise.
One of the key novelties to attract everybody’s attention is the introduction of 3D features. “The most noticeable change in the tech demo is the switch to a full 3D engine. The Disciples series has never been known for its visuals, and that appears the case even in the limited E3 tech demo.”
You can view the full preview here.
18.07.2007 Jagged Alliance 3 is hitting the floor
Jagged Alliance 3, a tactical strategy with RPG elements has been shown off for the first time at the E3 this year. This “long-awaited sequel to the beloved cult-classic 1999 strategy game” evoked first-look impressions of Gamespot.
“The game's interface seemed a lot like what you'd expect from a game like 3D Jagged Alliance. At the bottom of the screen, as ever, was the mercenary interface with each merc's photo, health and status bars, and statistics, including old favorites like leadership, marksmanship, strength, and speed. When an individual merc is selected, a new interface appears, packed with additional iconic buttons for every available action, such as changing the firing mode on your weapon if you have an automatic or using a first-aid kit if you have one.” Please read the full text here.
18.07.2007 Showdown: Scorpion at Gamespot
A new FPS by Akella demonstrated at the E3 2007 takes place in cyber-punk styled Earth 2028. The game features include a futuristic storyline supported by multiple cut-scenes, an impressive arsenal of upgradable weapons, and several paranormal psychic powers including a character’s ability to subdue the will of his enemies for a short period of time.
Gamespot has published “The weapons here are, at least in the section that we saw, a fairly normal group of pistols and machine guns, including a slightly advanced model of the venerable AK assault rifle family.” Please see the full preview by Gamespot here.
18.07.2007 Heavy Duty impressions by Gamespot
Heavy Duty included into the E3 lineup Akella brought to the E3 this year. Gamespot’s impressions on the demo shown off at Akella’s booths are very positive: “While not much appears to be incredibly new compared with the demo that was shown off at E3 last year, Heavy Duty still looks like an intriguing entry into an expanding genre of games that attempt to emulate one of the best strategy games of all time. Fans of X-Com might want to give Heavy Duty a whirl when it hits later this year”.
Please find the full preview here.
18.07.2007 Scorpion: Showdown hands-on
If you are a Russian special agent Scorpion probably it means that you’ll have a lot of problems with monsters, zombies, and freak scientists all around you. Showdown: Scorpion is new first-person shooter shown off at the E3 this year. IGN has already published a preview.
“it was clear Akella was going for a jump-out -and-scare-you feel. Filled with dark corners and creepy monsters, there were plenty of opportunities to crap your pants, but you could always arm your night-vision goggles or flashlight.
The game had a significant amount of bloom and smeared colors, but it has a year until its release and had some cool looking animations -- we don't know if attaching a silencer has ever looked so good.” Please see the complete first look impressions by IGN.
24.07.2007 Elves, Aliens, and Strategy on Gamevortex
Two of Akella’s strategy titles have been previewed by GameVortex. Fresh impressions evoked by the E3 momentum resulted in spreading the word on Disciples III and Heavy Duty. “Whether your tastes lie with elves or aliens, Akella is offering strategy fans games that should appeal to both.”
Disciples III will plunge you into the world of fantasy – dragons, demonic spawns, and elves – all revolving around you. “One of the major changes to the game is that it makes the jump to full 3D. The new models look great and really capture the style featured in the production artwork.”
However if fantasy armies aren’t your thing, Akella is also offering up a strategy game for sci-fi fans. Here we go to the Heavy Duty world – scientific researches, aliens that challenge the existence of humans on a distant colony, and you who can try and handle the situation. To ensure your fast-pace reaction you’ll have a two-view map. “Enemies may begin their attack by flying drop ships and fighters on the global, strategic map, requiring that you send up fighters to engage. If ships are able to get through that defense, you’ll quickly have to switch to the tactical map and quickly scramble your defenses.”
To read the full article please visit:
30.07.2007 Disciples III: E3 2007 updates
StrategyCore, one of the leading portals covering strategy games for all the PC and console gaming fans, has recently published an interview on Disciples III: Renaissance. An update on the game development, latest news on the hero upgrade possibilities, playable and non-playable races – all that awaits you here.
14.08.2007 E3 2007 Heavy Duty interview by StrategyCore
Heavy Duty that has been recently transformed from action to the third person action strategy with all the elements that are implied due to this genre will also have some RPG elements.
“Actually we are now developing a completely different game though based on the original action. Just like in every strategy we have included many new features: construction of bases, recruiting and hiring of staff, purchasing of various ammunition, research, manufacturing, etc.”
Persistent universe of Heavy Duty, mechs’ inverse kinematics, destructible objects with extensive terramorphing that follows – these and other game features were scrutinized as the StrategyCore published an E3-driven interview available here.
29.08.2007 Jagged Alliance 3: Interview by StrategyCore
StrategyCore, one of the leading online resources to cover strategy and strategy-like titles has published an interview on Jagged Alliance 3. The back story unfolding around 4 parties fighting to take over control of an imaginary country called Severna leads us to the storyline where we'll need to assign the role of a mercenary whose main task is to deal for money (there's no such things as Good or Bad, that's just business). You'll find out why Jagged Alliance 3 is going to be the best of the JA series, how factions are going to interact, how far you destruction abilities can reach if you'd love to knock down your enemy or his property, etc. Please read the full text of the interview here.  
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