Gaming Nexus reviewing Akella's titles

One of the first journalists visiting Akella’s booths was Ben Berry from Gaming Nexus and in few days he has already posted his impression of Heavy Duty and Empire above All:
“In my next appointment, I met with Akella, a distributor and publisher that deals wholly in the Russian and CIS states. They have several products in the hopper, including Heavy Duty and Empire Above All. Heavy Duty originally premiered at E3 2005, but has been completely retooled and redeveloped. Using a camera that can only be described as eerily similar to the “Google Earth” camera, the game allows full a 360 degree view of a monolithic planet.
One unique aspect of the game is that the entire planet is stored in RAM through the use of technologies created by Primal Software. This allows extremely quick changes in locales on the planets surface. The game has a permanent memory of the effects of gameplay; an explosion alters the surface of the planet for the remainder of the game. Heavy Duty also offers a large assortment of units to command from infantry to heavy combat mechs. As an RTS, the game allows the user to command multiple units at a time, or control a single unit as an FPS, without switching modes.
Akella’s other interesting title is Empire Above All, a game being developed by IceHill. Empire Above All is an RTS with physics from AGEIA’s PhysX engine; the game has a strong touch of realism while maintaining the feel of interstellar conquest. The environments are both interactive and destructible. When you blow up a building, nearby enemy units take damage from the flying debris.
The most interesting point of this game is the AI behind the enemies. Each enemy type is extremely unique, and to combat and conquer a specific enemy, you must first understand the basis of their existence, and discover their weak points. Both games are scheduled for release in Q1 2007, and offer some features not found in games produced and published in North America.”
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