Akella's coverage on Gamespot

Greg Kasavin, the journalist of Gamespot has visited Akella’s booths to have a look at our top-titles. Hereafter are his reviews on Inhabited Island: Battlefield, Swashbucklers, Heavy Duty and Disciples III.
“The gameplay itself promises to stay true to the spirit of the original but seems like it's going to make some significant changes at the same time. Leader units will now be able to cast spells as well as attack during battle, and, most importantly, units will be able to move about the battlefield (in previous games, they were locked into place). Apart from that, gameplay should still involve exploring large, colorful maps using your leader units and their parties, building up your strongholds one day at a time, researching new spells, and gaining experience levels from battle”
“The science fiction premise will obviously appeal to fans of the source material but should make for a richly detailed setting for those just looking for some good sci-fi to go with their game. And all the different land, sea, and air units, plus base defenses and other structures, should give those who enjoy turn-based games plenty to dig into”
“Despite the gritty combat, Swashbucklers isn't going to replace your history books. Its stylized character design is reminiscent of World of Warcraft, and you can look forward to seeing some interesting creative liberties on display in the game”
“Considerable detail is present in any given area, and yet the world is also highly interactive and deformable. Explosive weapons leave the land permanently scarred, and debris from demolished vehicles litters the wake of a battle--but that's just in any given part of the globe. Apparently the game engine will be able to render all of this in full 3D without stopping to load, but while we got to see fly-throughs of the planet to get a sense of the game's scale, it remains to be seen how well this huge scale works to benefit gameplay”
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