Adventure Gamers visiting Akella's booths

Akella became the first step on Thursday's E3 2006 for Adventure Gamers Editor-in-Chief Jack Allin. Right after the second show day he posted his impressions on Evil Days of Luckless John, Tanita and Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel.
Editorial: "Our first stop was Akella, as we were anxious to get a good look at the Russian publisher's two games based on works by the Strugatsky Brothers. Unfortunately, we saw nothing of Inhabited Island: Earthling, as the sci-fi first-person adventure is still too early in its development for a gameplay demonstration. However, we did see several non-interactive scenes from the whodunnit Dead Moutaineer's Hotel, due out this fall. Although the game has been in production for over a year now, our demonstration was limited to a collection of screenshots, as the developers are still in the process of meshing the art style of their 3D character models with the game's beautiful prerendered backgrounds. But if our original intentions going in led to some disappointment, that disappeared in a hurry when Akella surprised us with a demo of Tanita: Plasticine Dream, a whimsical and colorful adventure reminiscent of The Neverhood in its clay-based art direction, and Samorost in the simplicity of its design, though with a quirky atmosphere and style all its own. The second surprise came in the form of Evil Days of Luckless John, a real-time 3D, cartoony comic game about a loser who runs afoul of the mafia in New York City, and must endure a series of hardships and challenges to overcome his predicament. While the game will feature some action elements, the sequence we were shown included all the elements of a classic adventure. With its humour, charm, and wonderfully stylized graphics, we've got our fingers crossed for Luckless John to soon secure an international release."
Await detailed previews on these titles soon at Adventure Gamers!
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