E3 2006 News

16.05.2006 Akella's coverage on Gamespot
Greg Kasavin, the journalist of Gamespot has visited Akella’s booths to have a look at our top-titles. Hereafter are his reviews on Inhabited Island: Battlefield, Swashbucklers, Heavy Duty and Disciples III more
15.05.2006 Gamezone. Impressions of Akella's top-titles
Gamezone had found a slot for Akella's games and here are the reviews on three top-titles of our company more
14.05.2006 Adventure Gamers visiting Akella's booths
Akella became the first step on Thursday's E3 2006 for Adventure Gamers Editor-in-Chief Jack Allin. Right after the second show day he posted his impressions on Evil Days of Luckless John, Tanita and Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel. more
13.05.2006 Gaming Nexus at Akella's booths
One of the first journalists visiting Akella’s booths was Ben Berry from Gaming Nexus and in few days he has already posted his impression of Heavy Duty and Empire above All. more
05.05.2006 Disciples III: Renaissance!
Akella company is pleased to invite you to our meeting rooms to be the first who learn exclusive information on our most anticipated title Disciples III: Renaissance! more
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