11/10/2008 Akella at IgroMir 2008

Thousands of computer games fans had been staying in a queue around hall #57 of Moscow Expo Center since 6 am in the morning waiting for opening of the main Event for all the Russian gamers - IgroMir 2008.


This year Akella has presented its line up on the big united booth located right in front of the main entrance. We've tryed to achive and seems we've achieved simple and fun object: to give to visitors possibility to try playing the best upcoming games, and present them as more pleasure from special shows on the stage and competitions as possible.

We never expected so many people wanted to participate in the contest of the best pictures of the favorite game heroes. Right under the main signboard of Akella's booth there was a very magic place with people sitting, laying on the floor, staying around PC tables in absolutely different comfortable and uncomfortable poses - all of them were drawing their beloved characters trying to get the main prize


The second part of Akella's booth where PT boats has been represented gathered a large crowd of guests. People of different ages tried themselves playing the game and gaining stylized gifts and presents from Akella's technical partners. We especially enjoyed communication with  our best fan, a grandmother who was a real veteran of WWII with great PC gaming skills!  She won one of the tournaments and received a cool firm hat! We bet she used it that day as the weather was really cold! The strongest fans of PT boats got a chance to fight for the main prize.  After a dedicated quiz at the main booth winners went to the PT Boats' area for a global naval battle. And the winners divided between themselves a huge prize kit which included firm hats, professional gamers devices, special bags and, finally, the main prize - hi end computer!  


Pressing accelerator pedals and controlling racing wheels fans of auto simulators played their best laps in GTR: Evolution to win the big three days tournament.  All participants and audience liked the jolly show but winners were surely especially enjoyed. They won, let's say, professional computer racing kits consisted of racing wheel, gaming keyboard and mouse!


Were you ever afraid of zombies? Do you realize they are close around and just waiting to gobble you! Participants of Igromir 2008 had a chance to know this by their own experience. L4D became a bomb of the Show and it gathered thousands of gamers at its sector of Akella's booth. And all the other visitors of the Show clearly saw and realized who is the best zombie killer, because every winner of every playing set has received incredibly popular bloody T-shirt


Corsairs Online: Pirates of the Burning Sea had their own crazy party, playing the game, winnig pirate contests and quizzes and even dancing hot Tortuga dances!


Igromir 2008 has finished as quickly as it has started. But we look forward to see you all next year, at the same place, at the same time!!

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