11/8/2007 Akella at IgroMir 2007

This year Akella's main booth was constructed at the very center of the biggest Russian EXPO IgroMir 2007. Perimeter of the booth was equipped by hi end PCs, so that every guest had chance to try himself in any game presented by Akella.

Specially for true racing fans we've organized authentic SimBin's Race 07 zone. Every computer with this game installed had special controllers - steering wheels and pedals. Circuit service stuff in white caps was always ready to support everybody who wanted to experience mad racing.

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The youngest visitors spend hours fighting against insane monsters in ShowDown: Scorpion.

The game of quite rare genre, action with mechs "2025. Battle for the Fatherland" has gathered a long queue of fans. It   was definitely hard to get chance and win free PC to try the game, but all people in the line were watching the gameplay while waiting for their turn and getting prizes taking part in blitz quizzes. 

One of the main points of the Show became a stage with presentation of the most expected game of the year Assassin's  Creed. First time in our country, and specially for Akella's consumers we've invited Vincent Pontbriand from Ubisoft Montreal to show actual gameplay and essential world of the virtual killer. Hypnotized crowd was waiting for every single appearing and presentation by Vincent.

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Jagged Alliance 3 was always especial game for especial players. Fans of this world wide know brand name game was researching the playable demo patiebtly and carefully. They've communicated with developers who spent this days with the most important critics of their creating - final consumers.


Postal 3 zone became the most crazy place of Igromir Show. Specially for this event Vince Dazy- the Father of Postal 3 series - arrived to Moscow and spent 3 days for a conference and speaking with Russian gamers at Akella's booth. Big Boss of RWS was distributing Gameland magazines with Postal 3 on the cover, giving autographs and doing photos with everybody wished. Nice surprise for fans, presenting dozens of Postal 3 T-shirts turned into an independent show. Large crowd surrounded the stage trying to catch the t-shirts.

The second level of Akella's booth has presented the newest game of Corsair's series. Hardcore fans nd occasional guests Guests run upstairs to look and try walking through the City of Abandoned Ships. People played with sincerely pleasure. Possibly this part of Akella's show became the most successful action at our booth this year.

The first in the world championship devoted multiplayer of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel became the separate event. After three playing days Sacred 2 crew has organized more than 200 matches between bad and good teams, and every participant got personal training before start of the match. All of them had 2 main o\purposes: TO BECAME THE FIRST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD PLAYING multiplayer of Sacred 2, and.. to win the main prize: Hi end computer!

In the meantime, specially invited guests from Ascaron, develpment studio of Sacred 2: Falen Angel, has spend all the Show in specially designed VIP section, speaking with press and communicating with the most successful fans.


That how we've seen and felt IgroMir 2007 at Akella Company. Bright, loud and funny, and we will remember it for a long time, although it's already time to start thinking about the next year, Show must go on! 

Thanks everyone for being at Akella's booth! See you all next time!

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