8/15/2010 Akella at GamesCom 2010

In spite of the financial crisis that hit the most of companies and touched games industry also, the largest games exhibition called GamesCom comes about and will run over 18-22th August 2010!  We pleasure to inform you that  Akella Company is going to present its line-up at the EXPO!


Postal III: Catharsis

Genre:  action

Official page: http://en.akella.com/Game.aspx?id=47 

Official web-site:  www.postal3.com

As Postal III is our flagship title, we are going to establish the atmosphere of separately existing state inside of our booth. That will be Postal - style area with cold store for drink, with big plazma on the wall, soft armchairs and other nice features. So we want you to feel free with your actions and thoughts and have some rest from this big and difficult world.


Genre: Action / RPG
Official page: http://en.akella.com/Game.aspx?id=2

What is it to be one of the nine heroes, to battle with Greek mythology monsters, to see personally the flight and falling of you rivals, to do things you've never seen in the world with Gods and monsters, friends and enemies? Try this at Akella Booth in Cologne! 


Pound of Ground:
Genre: humoristic action
Official page: http://en.akella.com/Game.aspx?id=37

The very tasty western with crowds of zombies, large range of weapons and funny racing waiting for you in the world of pound of ground!


A Stroke of Fate: Operation Valkirie
Genre: Adventure
Official page: http://astrokeoffate.akella.com

Discover the new detective adventure game of very high quality about 40th years and the end of WW2. You‘ll prepare a plan to kill a tyrant and carry it out. With high definition graphics, wonderfully detailed locations with authentic interior of those years, dozens of characters you'll have full immersion into historical atmosphere of 40th.


A Stroke of Fate: Operation Bunker

Genre: Adventure

Official page: http://astrokeoffate.akella.com

Check out initial demo of the sequel of A Stroke of Fate: Opearion Valkyrie. The main hero Gerhard Mayer make the second attempt to kill the tyrant.


Dead Mountaineer's Hotel:
Genre: adventure
Official Page:

The game is based on the novel of the Strugatsky Brothers. We offer dmh for all true fans of classical adventures.

Review Akella team availability and reserve your show time!

Please contact our crew:

International Sales: Svetlana Gorobets

Acquisition manager: Maxim Smirnov 

MMO acquisition: Irina Semenova

PR: Anton Komarov



After all: we’ve had great impressions from the EXPO this year! in our friendly unofficial “Postal-style Area” which was positioned in a business hall We had a lot of guests in addition to all our business meeting. And this moment is very pleasant for us. The most of the guests wanted to see Postal III, but all the other titles also got high attention. Wait for our next hot news!


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