10/9/2009 PT boats: South Gambit, the add-on of PT boats: Knights of the Sea is announced.

Akella announces the large-scale add-on "South Gambit" to the naval tactical simulator PT Boats: Knights of the Sea.

The expansion is being developed by the in-house Akella's studio which has created the original game.

In the add-on the player will command a lethal torpedo boat in very heart of two new theaters of war. The new missions contain battle in the Mediterranean and transport British troops and supplies to Libya and Tunis, escort convoys to besieged Malta as it was in historical operations "Harpoon", "Vigorous" and "Pedestal". The gameplay in the Black Sea includes night raids to the enemy bases and artillery attacks to Nazis in Yalta and Anapa.

The long listing of authentic warships, boats, weapons and aircrafts will be amplified with the legendary Soviet attack plane IL-2, German torpedo bomber He-111H-6, Italian cruiser Condottieri and many more.


  • Enhanced graphics and even more realistic seascapes;
  • New gameplay features such as torpedo bombers and mine fields,
  • New authentic units such as Soviet IL-2 "Flying tank" and torpedo boat D-3, German torpedo bomber He-111H-6 and bomber Ju-88, Italian destroyer Navigatori and cruiser Condottieri, British torpedo boat Swordfish and many others;
  • And, of course, special PT Boats' innovative combination of sim, strategy and tactical action.


ptb_sg1.jpg ptb_sg2.jpg
 ptb_sg3.jpg  ptb_sg4.jpg


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