Privateer's Bounty: Age of Sail 2

The Privateer's Bounty game is a stand alone project, based on the Age of Sail II gaming universe gives player an opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of the legendary age of " wooden ships and iron men". The player is set into romantic world of adventures and politic intrigues, massive battles and freelance bounty hunting foreboding the time of great changes.
The Privateer's Bounty develops and greatly enriches the idea of tactical wargame style battles of the original Age of Sail II game giving the opportunity not only to participate in 'squadron vs. squadron' battles but also venture to convoy a merchant caravan, guard a stronghold, escape from the blockade and even more. Play 3 large custom-type campaigns or challenge other captains online.
Game features:
  • More than 20 units, including special like paddle-boat, sub-marine and balloon
  • 3 hypothetical multiending campaigns
  • Advanced multiplayer mode, with up to 16 players via LAN or Internet with Game Spy Arcade service support
  • Graphics and physics of the game powered by updated and improved STORM program kernel
  • Powerful but easy-to-use scenario and campaign editor 
The Daily Telefrag: "Yes of course, we have got both forts and cities. Besides, some settlements will be very peculiar. We have got a mission on an island where settlers have built a fort with two crushed frigates that were set and mounted at the seashore. Accordingly, there would be cannons taken from both ships."

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  • Publisher:
    Global Star Software
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  • Requirements:
    Pentium II 333Mhz, 64Mb RAM, 16Mb DirectX 8-compatible video card, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX 8-compatible audio card
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