Sea Dogs

Sea Dogs is the first true 3D pirate adventuring game combining the romance of the 17th century Carribean naval battles and freelance sea surfing. All the action takes place in the golden age of pirates and cutthroats in a fantasy Archipelago lost somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Nicolas Sharp is a young captain who finds out that his father used to be a pirate lucky enough not only to avoid scaffold but to gain and bury treasures. Once the crew is gathered, Nicolas sailed to meet his destiny. How will this adventure end? It all depends on you. In this epic adventure, you will be able to take part in the naval confrontation of the greatest sea-faring countries, participate in massive naval battles, hunt for hidden treasures, rescue a beautiful lady, and fight duels during boarding actions. Numerous quests, a stirring romantic plot and absolute freedom of actions - this is not just a role-playing game but a real "pirate's dream". Main features: More than 100 NPC's in a non-liner storyline made in a classic pirate novel style. Realistic highly-detailed 3D environment and characters powered by STORM program kernel Vast game universe with numerous islands and hidden locations Real-time weather changing that can seriously affect the tactics of the naval battles Large character skill tree, opportunity to hire additional crew and officers for your squadron. 40 different ship types, from boat to a great Man-o-War. "With a solid physics model helping to bring the Old World alive, graphics that are almost awe inspiringly beautiful, believable sound, an easy to manage interface and non-linear play elements that dramatically increase the replay value, Sea Dogs is a highly rewarding game. While it develops slowly with a unique style of play that takes some getting used to, it ends up being one very well told tale of adventure very much worth your time and your money" The Game Critic "Despite one or two very minor annoyances, Sea Dogs is the best game I've played in the last two months. I've practically given up on unimportant activities like eating and sleeping. Well, ok, not really, but you get the point. If you like pirate games, this is the game for you" GamePen

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