Inhabited Island: Prisoner of Power

This second game based upon the huge sci-fi novel from the renowned writers, the Strugatsky brothers, 'Inhabited Island', is a total departure from the adventure story setting of Inhabited Island: Earthling. Prisoner of Power is a first-person shooter combining seat of the pants adventure with nail-biting stealth elements.

Imprisoned upon this alien world you are to work out your days in fruitless toil for the rest of your life. Your captors obviously don't know you and hardly expect you to defy this sentence and fight for your freedom.

With unprecedented levels of detail this FPS has advanced AI routines for all the characters in the game, from the way they talk right through to the intricacies of their behavior. 

Key features:

  • Awaken the super-human abilities of your character
  • The world is full of puzzles, traps and obstacles to keep you on your guard
  • Use your time wisely and prepare for upcoming missions
  • Unique weapons and weapon system
  • Explore the detailed world either on foot or via myriad vehicles
  • Fully featured multiplayer mode for up to 32 players (Internet and LAN)


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