Age Of Sail 2

Age of Sail II is the highly anticipated sequel to "Age of Sail", the popular naval war game developed by Talonsoft and probably the most beautiful naval strategy game to this day.

Age of Sail II should prove fascinating for wargamers that enjoy strictly sticking to the historical realities of naval warfare and real-time strategy players looking for dynamic gameplay and realistic 3D graphics. From one angle, Age of Sail II incorporates historical material and a historical tone that will be interest the wargamer. From yet another perspective, players can experience dynamic naval tactics battles. By adjusting the game speed during battle, you can tune the gameplay from step-by-step historical war game to rapid real-time strategy combat.

Game features:

  • Realistic 3D graphics powered by the STORM program kernel
  • 13 ship models types
  • More than 100 single scenarios
  • Addicting multiplayer game capability supporting up to 16 player via LAN or Game Spy services on the Internet
  •  A huge sailing ship database including more than 2000 vessels and much more!

GameZone: "A wonderful game, suitable for Everyone (though it does sport realistic violence), with tremendous details, terrific historical backgrounds, and marvelous game play. If you have never played a real-time strategy combat sim before, this is the game that will give you a great introduction to the genre. If you have played RTS products, this program deserves a place on your shelf" 

IGN: "Age of Sail II isn't just a good game because of the dearth of competitors; it's a good game in it's own right. There are plenty of problems with it, but it still delivers a reasonably accurate simulation of the Wooden World with a little bit of fun thrown in for good measure" 

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