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2/27/2012 Gerhard Mayer wins the West
User Friendly Gaming, a British gaming resource, published a video review of the game "A Stroke of Fate: Valkyrie"...
11/1/2011 Akella to Launch Running With Scissors’ Cult Video Game POSTAL III on Steam
POSTAL III, long awaited next electronic opus in the famously irreverent Running With Scissors' action shooter franchise will be available worldwide via Steam®
10/17/2011 Disciples III: Resurrection on GamingXP

The new review of the game was published on

10/10/2011 "Disciples III - Resurrection" Launches Across UK and European Territories
Kalypso Media UK and Akella are pleased to announce the latest chapter in the much-loved Disciples series of turn-based tactical RPGs - Disciples III: Resurrection has launched across the UK and European territories.
7/24/2011 The first interview of Disciples 3: Resurrection!
Hooked Gamers website talks with the producer of the game
7/12/2011 Disciples 3: Resurrection. Undead Dragons
Akella unveiled several favorite creatures of fans of Disciples 3 Resurrection - Dragons!
6/23/2011 Disciples 3: Resurrection. Leaders. #4

Akella revealed the last Leader of Disciples 3: Resurrection! Today's story is devoted to a very charismatic "woman"... Lich Queen.

6/16/2011 Disciples 3: Resurrection. Leaders. #3

Akella represents another set of screenshots and the story of the next Leader of Disciples 3: Resurrection . This time we are speaking about Death Knight. His incontestable authority and fighting power allow him to lead the army of undead hordes  anywhere the goddess want.

6/9/2011 Disciples 3: Resurrection. Leaders. #2
Akella continues to unveil a story of the leaders of Disciples 3: Resurrection
6/2/2011 Disciples 3: Resurrection. Leaders. #1
Akella starts to reveal a story of each Leader of Disciples 3: Resurrection.
5/26/2011 Akella presents the new screenshots showing combat in Disciples 3: Resurrection
The revised combat system uses Initiative as a new combat parameter, which makes combat even more interesting than befor!
5/19/2011 Disciples 3: Resurrection - New Heroes
Akella introduces the new heroes of Disciples 3: Resurrection.
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